Although our Association is not a traditional Home Owner’s Association with mandatory rules and fees, every one realizes that our work to protect the value and quality of life of our Neighborhood is crucial and that we rely on voluntary membership for support and participation. 

The Association represents the neighborhood to resolve all the issues and challenges from our surrounding environment and bigger picture of the City of fort Lauderdale  such as water, homelessness, security, traffic, and urban development...

Beyond our daily work and relationships with various City and Government agencies, we will bring important issues to your attention for review and debate to ensure that our quality of life is protected and that any major initiative is in line with the concerns and priorities of the majority of our Residents.

That's why your voice, participation and formal membership are important: with a $ 25 basic annual contribution, you get access to all of our email news, invitations to social events as well as allowing you to cast a formal vote when it comes to managing the Association's budget and projects.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world..."



"If you do not take interest in the affairs of your Government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.."


"Be the change you wish to see in the world..."

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We are a Civic Association , 501(c) 4 Corporation, that relies on voluntary membership & dues.

Any Resident / homeowner can join at any time of year for a minimum of $25 annual Membership to get access to all updates and benefits of the Association's work.

Mail your check:

made to Coral Shores Civic Association

2612 NE 21st TER, FORT LAUDERDALE 33306



Wire money here:


$ 25

a mere $2/ month to be part of our Association's updates and be able to vote on major decisions...


$ 75

The average contribution over the years.

Allows us to throw better neighborhood socials :)


$ 100

A generous gesture that allows us to undertake more beautification & capital improvements


$ 200

Covers 2 years. With more of these, we can grow our Reserve budget for rainy days and unexpected expenses.

These are suggested annual levels based upon history of donations over the years...